Enable any device to talk

Feature centric AI platform for fast prototyping and building of talking devices

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Feature centric

Think about device features, not a framework. Zenbox combines all AI technologies and third-party services to speed up a talking device development.

Without coding

Mouse click-click instead of coding. Just enable voice features for your device and you are ready to go in production!

Voice enabled

Voice is a trend, do not miss it! Even if your device is just a coffee machine, you can engage clients by easily enabling it to speak.

Voice control with natural language

Zenbox makes it super easy to integrate ready for use speech recognition, text-to-speech and natural language understanding technologies in devices of any type

Create a project

Prototype in seconds

Well designed wizard simplifies the process of voice assistant development

Just select an appropriate built-in skills for your device without a single line of code, and voila!
Download a voice app and test your prototype immediately!

Dozens of built-in voice features

ready for use in two clicks

There is a big set of voice skills you can enable in two clicks

You don't need to spend a lot of time to implement them manually and connect tons of third-party APIs.
All Zenbox voice skills are highly customisable and created by professionals.

Discover Zenbox voice skills

Zenbox SDK

ready for use on any platform

Zenbox SDK enables you to integrate voice features into your product in a few days.
It's ready for use on any platform and operating system including Android, Linux and Windows.

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Cost per device

instead of cost per request

We understand the hardware device manufacturing principles. That is why Zenbox costs per unit instead of per request.

This makes AI platform a fixed cost component for your product

Our experience for your product

We develop our Natural Language Processing platform for about 5 years to bring all our experience into your product and decrease a time of voice assistants development

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